Got questions? Here's some answers.


How long you been doing this gig?

Shot my first wedding back in 2004, haven’t looked back.

How many photographers will there be?

Just me. I’ve always worked solo and prefer it. Over the years I’ve found it's much better, both for me and yourselves, not to have the extra distraction of multiple photographers. However if there’s a major logistic hurdle to overcome on your wedding day I’m happy to get a second shooter onboard.

Our wedding isn’t in Perth, do you mind traveling out of town?

I’m always stoked on a road trip. However travel surcharges apply to weddings outside a 150km radius from our home base.

How many photos can we expect?

My clients enjoy finished curated collections ranging from 700 - 1200 images. This of course depends on the length of photography coverage you decide upon for you wedding, longer coverage = more photos! (Don’t worry, I’ll edit out the bad ones. You know, people blinking, looking awkward, etc).

How long before our wedding photos are ready?

My turn around time is around 4 weeks. Peak periods can sometimes take a little longer.

We like your candid style, but can we get some posed group photos?

Absolutely. I’ll always make time in your schedule for posed portraits, family and group photos. We'll usually do this after your ceremony. Gotta keep Mum happy right?!

Are you an ‘award winning photographer’?

Haha, this old chestnut. I’ve won a few awards in my time, some pretty damn good ones too! But reputation is everything in this industry and the way I see it you’re only as good as your last wedding. So while awards are nice I’m always looking forward rather than back on past acheivements.

Do you photograph same-sex couples?

Yep, for sure.

Do you shoot video also?

No, video is a whole other ball game. Happy to recommend some awesome crew I’ve worked with previously though.

Can you recommend locations for photos after our ceremony?

For sure! I know heaps of cool little spots around town as well as down south.

Do you take credit card?

Why yes, of course.

We want to talk with you some more about our wedding plans!

No worries, get in touch! Call me on 0402 211 314. Otherwise shoot me a detailed enquiry via our Contact Us page. We’ll set up a meeting and take it from there.

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