About Me

I’m a happy husband & dad living in a house with two amazing women (Wife + Daughter).

But the one that really runs the household is our dog Bruce, he's a Japanese Spitz X Staffy (yep, he's certainly unique!).

I surf when I can (which is never enough, lol). Hiking is a great substitute when the surf is flat.

I love a good road trip. Camping & getting back to nature is always high on our agenda.

Our garden is mostly edible. I firmly believe you are what you eat.

Good coffee should be drunk black. Tea should be enjoyed with copious amounts of honey & milk.

Margaritas should be served on the rocks, never frozen. Aged rum should be savoured neat on ice.

While I'm serious about my job overall I’m a bit of a clown. 

And to me, photography is wayyyy more than just a job. Please, scroll down & read on. Won't take long, I promise.

But every photographer is "passionate" right??

Lol, I reckon you’d be hard pressed to find a wedding photographer anywhere in the world who doesn’t describe themselves as ‘passionate’ about their ‘craft’. It’s probably one of the most over used terms around.

And look, I know it’ll always sound cliche AF but I really do love photography. Taking photos (or ‘creating images’ because it sounds more artsy of professional or whatever) is an almost daily activity for me. It might just be around the home, our daughter, our dog, some mundane thing in the backyard. I’m stoked on doing crazy shit like being out in the middle of the countryside on a freezing cold, clear winter night taking photos of starry skies just for the challenge it offers. Or out in a howling storm taking photos of a raging ocean. I’m just as happy using the latest digital camera technology as I am loading a roll of film into a junky old rangefinder and then hand processing it.

The upshot of all this is that it keeps my interest high and helps keep my skills sharp. It’s because I think it matters. It matters that I’m practiced, that I’m prepared. It matters because I care. I care about photography. I care a great deal about it. I care about it not just as a job but, indeed, as a craft. It all boils down to one singular point; it’s because I care about my clients. I care about the experience you'll have on your wedding day. I want it to be the fucking best.

So whether you plan on 5 or 500 guests; down the road or across the country; two hours or twelve hours; backyard, church, outback or beach - I am ready.

I’d love to hear more about your wedding plans and see how I could fit in to your day. So take a punt, get in touch and let’s see where we land.

9 photos so you can size me up...


Surf trip to Indonesia. Crazy times at Hotel Rosa.


Surf Trip, West Java. Waves were PERFECT!


Top of the world! Krakatoa, West Java.


Getting married! Rarotonga, Cook Islands.


Halfway across Australia, heading back home to WA.


Becoming a Dad.


On the job client appreciation from the lovely Elysia.


End of the night, Haley & Rob's wedding, down south.


My three favourite people.



“Just touching base with the most awesome photographer ever! The album is just gorgeous, its better than we imagined! And the prints are divine, its amazing how much detail you miss until they are a bit bigger and how different the colours are off a computer screen! Also thankyou for the extra print, it is a pretty special photo!!”